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Cuddlemonstr Harness

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

One of the first people I ever followed on TikTok was @ryankore. The videos were funny, cute, and real. By real I mean that he showed multiple sides of himself, not just the good. I find it very refreshing to find someone who is willing to show all sides of themselves. Not long ago Ryan started designing harnesses. His goal is to have something that is more inclusive. He started with just a few designs but is increasing them to include more pride flags. What is great about his harnesses is that the center flag can be changed.

So if you are looking for a new harness, check out his website to see what he has to offer. Remember, he will be adding more pride flag designs so if you do not see the pride flag you would like to check back or contact him via the website. Let's support small businesses within the community. You can also find links to his social media pages so you can follow him and check out his content. Click the picture or logo below to check out what is currently available on his website.

Picture of Ryankore from chin down to chest with a harness with pup pride flag in center

Cuddle Monstr logo

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