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Corona Virus and Mental Health Dealing With The Unknown

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

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Today's world is totally a different place then it was a month ago due to the world wide pandemic of COVID-19 also known as the Corona Virus. Some states are ordering shelter inn laws, and majority are shutting down non essential businesses. There is hoarding, panic, and simply not knowing when we will go back to normal. Throwing off all of us on our normal routines. This can cause great mental stress, and be very bad for our mental health.

Its going to be very important that we check our selves mentally daily in order to not go into a full dark sea of depression or suffering from intense anxiety. Way too many people do not check their mental health, and just go ahead and feel what they feel and react the way they know how in order to get the feelings out, and its a huge burst of physical energy that also takes a toll on you physically. Mental Health is very important to your physical health. Just as much as we have said that a healthy sex life is good for Mental and then of course physical.

Check out the CDC website and see what they recommend in order to help you deal with the mental stress of COVID-19 and then keep reading as we talk about some of the ways we recommend and do in order to relax,focus, and stay centered.

CDC On Mental Health and Coping with COVID-19

The main thing you want to tell your self it does not rain forever, and that you can handle this.

1. The first thing you want to do when your having anxiety is to stop what your doing. Admit to yourself your feeling anxious. Then just start to breathe very deep from the bottom of your belly and then fill it all the way up, and then exhale slowly. Keep repeating this.

2. Do an activity that grounds you. This could be coloring, playing video games, writing, something that allows you to turn your focus from your anxiety and do something that brings you joy.

3. Take a hot shower or hot bath.

4. Burn essential oils

5. Meditate

6. Reach out to a friend.

I know some of these sound basic, and there are probably a large group of us that need to be able to do more to calm the anxiety or help lift the depression. If you feel that you are in this group you need to seek help from a medical professional.

There are many more various ways to help eliminate the stress, and depression from the Corona Virus. Try to have fun in a dark world. Why not join some online chat groups, or have cyber parties with your friends, be creative. There are many ways we can still be social in nature if we use the technology that is at our finger tips.

NEWS BREAKING JUST IN 3/29/2020 5pm President Trump Announces Extension of Corona Virus Guidelines for another 30 days.

We will be adding to this topic as we hear more, and hear from others like you on some of the creative ways your handling your mental health and trying to adapt and still be some what social.

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