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Blood Play - The Fetish Hematolagnia

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Just in time for Halloween, we decided to do some research on Blood Play which is known as Hemtaolgania which is being aroused by blood. The definition for this fetish can be defined in many different ways. The way we define it from the research we have done is this. Hematolagina is when a person has a fetish for blood and is either sexually aroused, or is feeding off the idea of power exchange between one or another sharing the same energy.

This fetish can get really deep for those that are daily practitioners of this form of BDSM. Some will also say this is not a form of BDSM. Blood play needs to be done safely as there are many risks that are involved with your health and blood play could get deadly if not done properly and with informed and risks consents with all parties involved. With that being said lets dive more into the various forms of Blood Play.

Bloody hand over a gauntlet with blood

Blood Play - One thing to be aware of is even though this is a fetish surrounding blood, not everyone that is into Blood Play is into Knife Play, so it's a very good idea to communicate very thoroughly before engaging in this fetish. Now there are many ways to enjoy blood play sexually. The idea of having sex with each partner's blood can be very emotionally stirring and is why so many are drawn to this form of kink. This can be done by either having sex with a female who is on their period which is one of the most widely accepted forms or by getting each other's blood by other means. Some partners like to smear each other's blood on each other's bodies and then embrace. There are some who like to drink each other's blood. Yes, there are real vampires in this world, just not what you see on TV.

Sckull with blood over it sitting in an open book why being held by a person

Now we did quite a bit of research on this form of BDSM, and why we keep a very open mind to all forms of kinks and fetishes, it's a matter of my stomach. I can't look at blood or think about blood for too long, otherwise, I get queasy. So I am going to leave a couple of links here in the closing of this blog post so you can get more of your questions answered. Like I said not to shame anybody kinks or fetishes, this just simply is not my kink due to the fact I can't look at blood, however, I find the mingling of this with a person's partner very intriguing and love it for that part of the dynamic.

Articles on Blood Play - Hematolagnia

Now we wrote this blog because of Halloween, and now that we are more familiar with it, we will be doing some more search but I will be delegating this to my husband. Please join our free members only, and get notifications when we have new posts, and be part of the launch of our social network for like-minded kinksters.

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