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Average Penis Size and How To Get A Bigger Penis

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

If you found this article you're looking to find out things about the human penis. You want to know what the average size is, and if there is a way to get a bigger penis, and how to do that. Now I wouldn't be me if I didn't say that there is no such thing as a wrong size penis. You will find that there are more people out there men and women that would prefer an average or smaller than average penis in their partner. However, if you are looking to change the size of your penis or even correct the way it hangs then keep reading.

Now the average penis size is a bit smaller than what you are probably expecting and there are plenty of guys who are not measuring correctly or even measuring at all that think they have a large penis of 8 or 9 inches when in reality it's really probably 6 or 7. So the average human penis size is 3.6 inches soft and 5.1 to 5.5 inches erect.

Males are always wanting a bigger penis from what surveys are showing, but what are their partners wanting? Here is how it measures up.

man wearinga stocking cap sitting on a couch with a phone in his head staring off in space thinking about a bigger penis

Women in a study of 76 Women prefer a man that is slightly above average in length and girth. The women preferred 6.3 Inches erect in length. Gay men prefer average to very large. However, that's not a full consensus and the numbers were small. When we researched the topic it was a mix for gay men with seeing more on the latter that they prefer average to smaller, and what is known as size queens is a large number but not a full majority.

So if you sporting something bigger than 6 you're doing good with falling in line. However, if you are not and want to get a bigger penis, you are probably looking at various options.

How To Get A Bigger Penis With Minimal Side Effects

Now there are surgeries that can be done to give you a bigger penis, but they come with some very disastrous side effects. The side effects from penis enlargement surgery might not be worth the risk, but we want you to have all of your options in front of you to make your decision.

One of the side effects of penis enlargement surgery that is most common is erectile dysfunction. The penis will not get hard or fully hard as it once use to before the surgery. You also can run the risk of infection, and swelling from the penis enlargement surgery.

If you are constantly using a vacuum pump to get a larger penis, you can increase your chances of having softer erections. There are also pills out there that can give you a harder firmer erection but they only work for a short period of time, and they can cause you to have really bad headaches and affect your blood pressure. There is a way to get a bigger penis with no surgery and fewer side effects.

There is a medical device that is approved for use by the European Union and is authorized for use by the FDA and is made by a company called Sizegenetics. Their medical device has been proven to give people a bigger, better working penis with no surgery, no magic pills. The device can also correct penis curves.

Take a look at SizeGenetics approved medical device that is surgery-free and how it works

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