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Anal Sex For Gay Men

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Anal sex use to be something when I first came out over 20 years ago, that I was scared of. The first time I tried it of course it hurt, and was not that comfortable of pleasing. So I am like well I will just be stuck being a top, which was no issues with me as I did not like being on the receiving end. That when I finally met someone that was willing to teach me about having anal sex and being a bottom changed me.

Well one thing that is for sure, you need to use a lot of lube, and if its your first time, you need someone that is going to have a lot of patience. Also if your scared about messes, well that's a good fear to have, but there are ways to make sure you are ready for this kind of intercourse with your partner.

Prepping for Anal sex to me is a must. I have been with some guys who did not do this, and when you pull out your penis and its dirty, is a major turn off. Well for most of us it is. What you want to do to make sure you are ready to bottom is douche and clean out before going to bottom. I do this either right before like an hour before sex with my husband, or if its something I want to do towards the end of the day, I will prep 4 hours prior to the act. This way I can enjoy myself and not be laying there worried that something bad is going to happen.

Once you are prepped and ready to go, you can enjoy it more. Make sure your partner understands that you need to be lubed up and stretched a little. This can be done by your partner putting lots of lube on their finger and having them massage the anus region, and start slowly putting their finger in. They are going to have to apply lube a few times to make sure you are really lubed and ready. If they are huge and well endowed, then you might want this done for 30 minuets, before taking him inside you.

When your partner starts to put himself in you, have them go in slow at first until you can stand to have them inside you. Once you get over that part, then its ok for them to pick up speed and power. Just remember if it hurts, then stop. Anal sex should not hurt. If they are hurting you then something is wrong, and you run the risk of doing damage to that area.

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