oxballs nutter electro sacksling.jpg
  • Connects to any electro sex power box with a 4mm lead wire connection

  • Removeable 4mm electrodes made from body safe aluminium

  • Veiny, fleshy sack made to encase your balls and provide a good firm grip

  • Built in Unit-X Cocksling to enhance your erection

  • Beefs up your bulge when worn under clothing for a plumper looking package

  • Give your sack a shock with the Oxballs Nutter Electro Sacksling. This ingenious device brings the best of so many worlds together to create one fantastic sex toy. The Oxballs Nutter Electro Sack Sling is an updated version of the original Oxballs Sacksling Electro. Many people enjoyed the Sacksling Electro but some always said that they wished it was smaller and more compact for better conductivity with the electrodes at the bottom. Oxballs heard your cries and have graciously granted your kinky wish. The Oxballs Nutter Electro will provide a better fit for those who have a high and tight ball sack, not only that but it will give you a tighter all over grip on your goods.

  • Made from Oxballs’ own Flex-TPR, the thick and blubbery flesh like material will comfortably mould and stretch to the shape of your own ball sack while the built-in Unit-X Cock Sling upper portion gives your erection a good firm grip. Your erection will be standing tall and proud as your balls will enjoy constant pressure from all sides as you wire your balls up to your favourite electro sex power box. The 4mm connection aluminium electrodes are removeable and will connect with any electro sex power box as long as your lead wire has a 4mm connection. Not only will you experience intense electro stimulation right directly to your testicles but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of a plumped-up package when the Oxballs Nutter Electro is worn under clothing.