oxballs daddy electro cocksheath.jpg
  • Instantly increases length and girth of your penis

  • Soft and blubbery Flex-TPR material with fleshy feel

  • Gives your erection and ball sack a constant and perpetual grip

  • Use with your favourite electro sex power box with 4mm banana jack connections

  • Comes with a tip stuffer for a tighter grip

  • Do you want to feel the sensation of thrilling electro sex currents throbbing through your member while you’re really stretching out your partner’s insatiable bum hole? The Oxballs Daddy Electro Cocksheath is a two for one toy both you and your partner can enjoy. The thick and blubbery Flex-TPR material will instantly boost the length and girth of your erection to mammoth proportions allowing you to stuff and stretch your partner to capacity. Your partner will enjoy deeper penetration with an even greater stretch while you not only enjoy an all over perpetual grip of the cock sheath but you’ll be able to include the scintillating sensation of electrifying electro sex right straight to the ball sack by using the two 4mm jacks at the base. These removable sockets allow you to plug in your favourite electro sex power box using your lead wire with 4mm banana jack plugs.

  • If you liked the best-selling Oxballs Sacksling Electro then you’ll really enjoy the Oxballs Daddy Electro as it encases not only your ball sack but your entire throbbing erection as well. The realistic shape features a wide flared mushroom head with a prominent glans which feels AMAZING as it pops past their greased up ring piece. Your partner will be left with a gaping bum hole by the time you’re finished with them.

  • To put on the Oxballs Daddy Electro Cock and Ball sheath simply coat the inside with your favourite water-based lubricant and put a little on the aluminium electrodes. Be sure to squeeze the excess air out of the sheath before you slide your penis in through the hole. Once your penis is fully seated now stretch the ball sack around your own and gently place at the top of yours. For a tighter fit, Oxballs has included a nub insert which is designed to lock into the hollow chamber to shorten the inner length.

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