nipple screw clamps.jpg
  1. The four screws allow you to adjust the pressure on your nips from OW to WOW.

  2. The weightiness and coolness of the metal adds an extra pinch, leading to ultimate nipplegasms.

  3. Small size allows for arousing discreet outdoor wear, getting you into the mood for kinky fetish play.

  4. These sturdy clamps are a dream come true for any hardcore player. Whether you are more into pain or pleasure, these super raunchy screws will find their way into your sexy scene, Either alone or playing with your boo, you can be sure those will sit where you put them, biting or caressing you, putting your aroused nips on display.

  5. Made from stainless steel for weighty and fulfilling feel

  6. Safety features: Food-grade material / Latex free / Phthalates free

  7. Non-porous material doesn't harbor bacteria

  8. Color: Silver

  9. Manufacturer: EdenFantasys

  10. Length: 1 1/4"