Nasty Pig Insignia Button Fly Jock Blue.
Nasty Pig Insignia Button Fly Jock
  • Comfortable AND sexy, this INSIGNIA jock by Nastypig has become a fast favourite.
  • This bulge-scooping jock has a button down pouch (inspired by their iconic Union Suits) that gives you direct, quick-and-easy access to the goodies. The fabric is soft and warm, making it great for wearing in cold weather – if you keep your junk warm, it’ll stop it shrinking in the chill, after all! If you're a fan of letting your bulge 'bounce around' then this is perfect for you. The straps at the back give your ass the lift and support you need from a jock, showing it off like a proper Nasty Pig!

  • Nasty Pig Size Guide:

  • Small - 28-30 inches

  • Medium - 31-33 inches

  • Large - 34-36 inches

  • X-Large - 37-39 inches

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