Mr S Leather Puppy Hood

mr s leather puppy hood - xlarge - grey.
mr s leather puppy hood - large -
mr s leather puppy hood - xlarge - tan.p
  • Pups get lost in their headspace. The romping around on all fours, nipping, biting and slobbering makes them forget they are human at all. It’s what makes us love playing with them. Help them out with our Leather Puppy Hood. From the moment you put it on your favorite dog/pup, he is going to make a beeline for the nearest boot to hump. 

  • Let puppy look into a mirror and see his dog-self staring back at him. He’s probably going to bark and paw at the mirror wondering who the other dog is. The Leather Puppy Hood gives the puppy a sense of anonymity and purpose that makes it easy to go deeper into canine mode than ever before. 

  • Playful ears are reinforced with shapeable metal stays that allow you to point, bend and mold them to suit a pup’s mood. Point them straight up for your watchdog. Put a half bend in the ears to show off puppy’s playful side. Bend them completely down when puppies been bad. 

  • We introduced these hoods at IML and the pups went crazy. They could let their pups sniff, nuzzle, head butt and tussle and those pups really went at it. 

  • Snap muzzle can be removed when the puppy wants to bite. Handlers, you are in control. Once the muzzle is off, the pup has full mouth ability for food, water and gnawing on ‘bones.’ 

  • Three snaps on the muzzle mean you can undo just one or two to let puppy play with his chew toys and still have his muzzle attached. 

  • Sewn brow lends a realistic profile to the puppy’s face. Laced back makes getting a pup in and out of this hood quick and easy. Just slip it over his head, lace it up and let the puppy go play. Lacing allows you to adjust the fit so the puppy is comfortable. 

  • Available in three sizes based on brow circumference:
    Medium: 22-23 inches
    Large: 23-24 inches
    X-Large: 24-25 inches