Mr S Leather Neoprene Frisky Puppy Hood

mr s leather neoprene frisky puppy hood - cobalt.jpg
mr s leather neoprene frisky puppy hood - white.jpg
mr s leather neoprene frisky puppy hood - black.jpg
mr s leather neoprene frisky puppy hood - red.jpg
  • Introducing the Frisky Pup Hood! This puppy hood has been designed with more mischievous puppies in mind; we've forgone the standard chin piece in favor of an elastic band. This means you naughty puppies can get a full range of motion with your jaw! Go rooting around in daddy's pants for a bone, sip a drink at the bar while you take a break from your mosh, or bury your snout in a perky butt. You'll have full access to get as frisky as you want.

  • The Frisky Pup Hood is also great for guys with longer beards that don't like tucking it under a chin plate. Just pull your beard through and let the elastic band sit behind your facial hair.

  • As with our K9 Pup Hood and Classic Pup Hood, this model has pose-able ears so you can better show off your specific puppy personality, and a loop in the back so you can clip it to your belt with a carabiner when you're not wearing it. Additionally, ear holes come standard with this model, and we've given the muzzle a unique curve patterning that you won't find on our other hoods.

  • Head Sizing

  • Brow Circumference Chin Over Crown

  • Medium 22" - 23" (56 cm - 58.5 cm) 26" (66 cm)

  • Large 23" - 24" (59 cm - 61 cm) 27" (69 cm)

  • Care & Cleaning

  • You can hand wash these hoods in the sink with a little dish soap and cold water. Avoid detergents with dyes and scents. Air dry only - do not apply heat.