mr s leather carpenter cargo shorts.jpg
  • The double zip on the front of these shorts make for easy front access. Based on the design of Mr S’ iconic German Carpenter Pants but in a cargo short cut, perfect for those hot nights out – or in.

  • When you’re wearing your leathers as tight as you want them to be, pockets can seem to be all but decorative. Mr S took this in consideration when they designed this fetish-meets-utility piece. The front waist pockets provide easy access to your ID, cards and cash. The single rear right pocket can accommodate a small wallet. AND, the two side thigh pockets will hold your smart phone. All of this while still keeping the tighter than tight fit you want. Clean, efficient and smart – duh, they’re German Carpenter Shorts!

  • Low rise fit with an inseam that goes just below the knee, these sexy shorts are great for showing off your legs. Throw on a pair of Wesco or combat boots and you’re ready for a hot night out in this sexy adaptation of a Mr S classic.