the indulgers - moan inir.jpg
  1. Forged by the geekiest of dicksmiths, in the strongest of silicone, Möan-lnir is a toy made for the truest of nerds. Whoever holds this hammer, if they be horny, shall possess the power of thunderous climax!
  2. Colour: Brown and silver pearl (colour may vary slightly with each product)

  3. Firmness: Hard (Shore A-40)

  4. 100% waterproof

  5. Handmade

  6. Weight: 620g

  7. Circumference at handle tip: 5 inches

  8. Total length: 9.5 inches

  9. Insertable length: 7 inches

  10. Includes stand

  11. 100% body safe silicone