microfoam hypoallergenic gag tape, 2inch
  • This comfortable and conforming medical grade tape is perfect for use as a gag.

  • Microfoam tape comes off easy, without residue, making it an instant sub favorite and it looks great on, conforming to the lips and showing off any gag you may choose to add underneath. Its non-residue removal is great for sealing a gag in your sub's mouth as it won't damage most gags.

  • This elastic tape is water-resistant and hypoallergenic so you can even use it in the shower or bath for sexy water-time play or for long-term wear. Being water-resistant, this tape won't loosen with perspiration when your sub gets all hot and bothered from all the pounding and spanking with a whip. On top of all of this, it's medical grade, latex-free and hypoallergenic so allergies are not a problem.

  • Not only is comfortable and very breathable, it also stretches in all directions so a naughty sub can't even stretch their mouth or lips to remove the tape...you know what I mean. *wink* Best of all for me, it comes off easily - very easily, with barely any pulling of skin.

  • Master even tied me up with it and wrapped it completely around me and it didn't pull out any little hairs either! You'll get a full 5.5 yards (that's nearly 20 feet long!) of what's sure to be your new favorite, wonderfully stretchy, 2" wide tape to seal your slave's lips comfortably, but firmly sealed. Latex Free!

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