medieval dungeon wood hand stocks.jpg
  • Made from aged New Zealand pine wood, the Schlossmeister Hand Cuffs are solid and stylish. All hinges and hasps on these wrist restraints have been stamped and machined in-house using heavy duty materials to ensure longevity and safety during rough play.

  • Included are four padded wrist inlays that can be held in place by powerful magnets. The leather inlays can easily be removed for people with larger joints.

  • To optimize the fun, all Schlossmeister products can easily be daisy chained!

  • Contents include...
    1 x Hand Stocks
    4 x Leather Wrist Inlays
    1 x Security Pin

  • Every item is handmade – surface textures and absolute dimensions may differ slightly.

  • Ideal for…bondage, BDSM, medieval roleplay, viking roleplay, Domination and submission.

  • Product Details:
    • Hand Stocks: 18.1” x 10.24” x 2.2”
    • Hand Stocks Wrist Holes (without inlays): 8.5”
    • Materials: New Zealand pine, steel, real leather

    This will be drop shipped directly from the manufacturer, separately from other items (please allow 1-2 weeks). International orders are not available. The price of the item includes FREE SHIPPING within the continental US. Additional shipping fees may apply otherwise. Express shipping is not available for this item.

    The Medieval Dungeon Schlossmeister Line was designed with an antiquated style in mind. Over time and with use, some chipping may occur to some surfaces. This is intentional and enhances the antiquated look and feel of the products. If you prefer a continuous black look and some chipping has occurred, simply use a black edging marker pen to touch up the relevant spot.