medieval dungeon chain set with wood cas
  • When you're serious about your prison fantasies, these black steel chains will do the trick. From the first rattles and clanks as you bring them out of their weathered wooden chest, they’ll evoke every swashbuckler you’ve ever seen where the hero or heroine is chained in a musty dungeon and made vulnerable to the whims of the Pirate Queen, Wicked Prince, or other villainous characters. Properly used, you can be sure that they’ll safely bind or suspend the body of your submissive, but their hold on the imaginations of everyone in the scene will be even more secure.

  • This set includes not only two 1.8-meter chains and 2 chain triangles suitable for cuffing your prisoner, but everything you need to secure them: two mounts on iron plates suitable to be screwed into a wall, ceiling, or cross, and 8 bow shackles for you to lock the chains in any shape or length that you need.

  • Ideal for…bondage, BDSM, medieval roleplay, viking roleplay, Domination and submission.

  • Product Details:
    • 2 x 5.91ft Chains
    • 2 x Chain Triangles
    • 8 x Bow Shackles
    • 2 x Ceiling Mounts
    • 1 x Box