master series titanica extreme steel org
  • These aren’t Anastasia’s jiggle balls! Move over Fifty Shades of Grey, the Master Series Titanica Extreme Steel Orgasm Balls aren’t for the shy, lip-biting beginner. These copiously sized ben wa balls are supremely weighted and designed for intense stimulation. Lube them up and slip them in, you’ll enjoy a nice full feeling and a gentle stretch. Your PC muscles will work hard to keep these weighted balls inside your vagina which can cause intense pleasure as the move about. If you dare, try wearing them on the bus, on the train, in the car (perhaps let someone else drive – we don’t want you to cum and crash). As your body moves, the weight of these hefty kegel balls move about which cause your vaginal walls to contract to hold them in place. This movement brings fresh, invigorating blood to the area which has a deeply arousing effect. As you enjoy the intoxicating charms of these massive Ben Wa balls, you’ll be keeping your vagina in tip top condition. You and your partner may even notice that your vagina feels tighter and you’ll certainly feel more stimulation with your new toned vaginal muscles. You’ll soon be primed for pleasure with the Master Series Titanica Extreme Steel Orgasm Balls.

  • Note: balls are made from steel which can contain nickel, if you have a nickel sensitivity we recommend using the Master Series Titanica Extreme Steel Orgasm Balls in a condom.

Double D Dungeon LGBTQ Owned and Operated. 

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