master series locking mounted cbt scrotu
  • Fixes fast to any hard and sturdy surface with the included screws

  • Locks into place around the scrotum with allen screws

  • Any movement or escape attempt will cause painful pulling on the balls

  • Body safe stainless steel material – latex & phthalates free

  • Includes allen key and screws for fitting

  • There really is no escape from the Master Series Locking Mounted CBT Scrotum Cuff with Bar without painfully going from a stallion to a gelding!

  • This mounded scrotum cuff quickly and easily attaches permanently to your favourite bondage furniture, floor or any sturdy hard surface making cock and ball bondage and torture a breeze to incorporate into your play. Once fixed to its permanent position, now you can attach the stainless steel scrotum cuff to his ball sack like a ball stretcher. Pin his balls to the floor and allow him to experience the ultimate in humiliation and control with this unique bondage piece. Once locked in he’s going nowhere. Any slight movement would mean a painful tug on his balls. The allen wrench screws ensure that there is absolutely no escape without the proper tools, so he will be held down and at your complete mercy throughout his confinement.

  • Note: Due to the fixed nature of this device, care should be taken during use to avoid injury. Here at UberKinky we recommend that this device be used while lying down to minimise movement and possible injury.