mariella steel busk bright turquoise cor
  • Relive the classic sex appeal of the truly exotic and mysterious culture of cabaret in our Mariella Steel Busk Bright Turquoise Corset with Satin Ribbon Trim! This sexy turquoise blue satin corset with soft satin accents is the perfect addition to your sexy adult playtime wardrobe. 

  • With this beautiful and elegant piece on, every night will always feel like a special night. You'll have your lover's eyes locked on you the entire time and even have them wondering what they did to deserve being graced with your presence! 

  • The key feature that makes this satin corset stand out are the awesome clasps on the front. It is absolutely practical and perfect for those who just don't have time to spend lacing up a regular style corset. With this piece, all you have to do is simply slip it on - or off - in just mere seconds! 

  • The less time you spend in dressing up for bondage scenes, the more time you have to strap on other bondage restraints and accessories! 

  • Available sizes: Small, Medium, and Large