japanese clover nipple clamps & bondage
  • Wow! And that's not just what you're thinking, it's what your lover will say when they see their new Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps & Bondage Collar Set! (And again when you clip those lovely little Japanese Clover Clamps to their nipples! Ooooo, you're so wicked!)

  • This black leather collar is crafted from our high quality bondage leather and not only holds those deliciously wicked clover clamps from a small ring dangling from the front of the collar, there's also another ring, front and center. Just as it should be, this ring awaits all your bondage hardware and leash connections so you can play your way, leading, tethering or connecting.

  • For example, lead your slave around the room while they wear the clover clamps. Maybe their feet are tied and they have to hop after you, making those clamps jump, tug and pull with every hop. (See, I knew you were wicked! I love it!) Or maybe you'd like to tether them off to a bedpost or coat hook to receive a whipping, a spanking or simply to wait for you, wondering what you have in store for them. Or, hook up their wrist cuffs and bend them over for...well, you've got the wicked mind, I'll let you decide what happens next! *wink*

  • Our Japanese Clover Clamps are designed to actually tighten when you pull on them. That means you can pull on them during other play to really send yourself or your sub over the edge at just the right time. Or you can add weights to the chain or simply tie a string to the chain to make them stay put - or else!

  • The tips have wide silicone pads for comfort - of sorts - and the clamps themselves are very easy to put on. Though they're easy to put on, they're not exactly easy to wear. These provide quite the pinch! Please note that putting clamps *on* the nipple will hurt a lot more than attaching them behind the nipple, or underneath.

  • The One Size collar fits from 12" - 16" and the Plus Size collar fits up to a 21" neck.