heavyweight nipple clamps.jpg
  • Make your nipples perk up with pleasure with our Heavyweight Nipple Clamps. Made with durable metal clips covered with soft rubber liners, these alligator-style clamps feature adjustable screws that let you customize the amount of pressure on each nipple.

  • The weighted chain intensifies the pressure as it swings, giving you incredible stimulation with each movement. Try them with a spanking or a paddling for intense sensations with that weight swinging with every swat!

  • It is easy to put on but not exactly easy to wear if you aren't used to nipple stimulation. The clamps provide quite the pinch, so your sub will either love them or hate them! Placing them directly on the nipples will be a lot more painful than placing them behind or below, so your slave better be good or else. They're in for a lot of clamping, tormenting and sensation play.

  • You can get lost in passionate love-making and get as rough as you want. Don't worry, these clamps won't fall off any time soon. Just imagining the clamps swaying along to my every erotic movement is turning me on! It will be a turn on for you and your sub.

  • You can also explore breast bondage play further with weights, electro-stim, vibrations and suction! We have everything you need to satisfy your fetish fantasies.