heavy duty knee pads.jpg
  • Perfect for puppy play, pony play or any other form of pet play

  • Fully adjustable Velcro straps at the back stay comfortable as you wear them

  • Great for submissives who are constantly on their knees for your enjoyment

  • Comes with a mesh net storage bag for easy transport

  • On your knees a lot? These Heavy-Duty Knee Pads will help ease the pain and fatigue often felt when being of service in such a submissive position. Whether you’re into puppy play, pony play or you’re on your knees for sexual services these knee pads will keep you in the game. The elastic straps at the back hold them firmly in place yet flex as you move so you’re always comfortable. The soft, padded lining gives you plenty of cushion so you can concentrate on the matter at hand. The hard, plastic exterior further protects your knees during rough play. You’ll feel as though you’re kneeling on a nice soft pillow. Puppies, ponies and other human pets will feel more comfortable and can enjoy a longer play session as their knees won’t bruise and feel sore during play. These Heavy-Duty Knee Pads will also allow a submissive to stay kneeling for as long as it takes whether it’s for forced oral sex, human toilet play or they’re just waiting on all fours for you to penetrate them anyway you see fit.

  • The elastic straps are adjustable and feature a Velcro closure so you can find the perfect fit. Once you’ve found the perfect fit you can use the two side clips to slip the straps on and off. When you’re done playing you can store your knee pads in the included net storage bag.