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  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE - The ORIGINAL "Under Control Tactical" Black Steel Handcuffs are made specifically to handle the "life or death" situation demands of professional law enforcement teams, Police, Military, CIA, & Special Black Ops teams.

  • HEAVY-DUTY, RUGGED, & DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - These 100% All Steel handcuffs are forged to the absolute highest standards to ensure 100% secure restraint locking.

  • REAL HANDCUFFS WITH DOUBLE LOCK - The ORIGINAL "Under Control Tactical" Black Steel Handcuffs are 100% "Real" & ready for serious action. Our bulletproof double locking key system ensures that your perp won't get away (unlike some of our competitors "cheap" models). We guarantee... They're the real thing!

  • ORIGINAL "UNDER CONTROL TACTICAL" POLICE & MILITARY GRADE EDITION - Rest assured, that your heavy-duty black steel handcuffs from "In Control Tactical" are the strongest in the market & made to absorb heavy-use & abuse, every single day. Just like the professionals.

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