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  • Prevents embarrassing wetness, chafing and odour in the groin area

  • Keeps your balls fresh and dry with natural ingredients

  • Great under fetish wear, ball stretchers and chastity devices

  • Solves the stinky, sweaty ball problem once and for all!

  • Fresh Balls is an all natural product formulated to solve the intimate perspiration problem once and for all. This easy to use lotion dries quickly without a powdery residue leaving your balls fresh and dry. It’s body safe formula is aluminum free, paraben free and talc free. Fresh Balls Solution for Men contains oatmeal as an anti-irritant (great if you shave your intimate area!) and tea tree oil as an anti-bacterial agent. This keeps your balls smelling fresh and clean. No more embarrassing odour!

  • Try Fresh Balls Solution while wearing your favourite leather, latex or PVC fetish wear and say good bye to embarrassing and uncomfortable wetness. Wear it with your leather ball stretchers or even with your favourite chastity device. Any time you want fresh, dry balls reach for Fresh Balls Solution for Men.

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