electra stim double bi polar pinwheel.jp
  • What can be more fun than an electrified Wartenberg wheel? How about a pair of them side by side? Together, the two wheels form a bipolar electrode that you can use to explore your partner's body with a precise, sensual touch.

  • The tingle of electrical current moving through the tips of the spikes brings an entirely new dimension to your play: Experiment with different levels of power as you move the tiny, sharp teeth across the sensitive parts of your partner's body. The results can range from gentle eroticism to torturous punishment — or maybe indulge in a little bit of head play by letting them expect one and delivering the other.

  • Product Details:
    • Dimensions: 7" (170mm) end to end; spikes 0.25" (6mm) long 
    • Materials: Plated brass contacts with acrylic handles. 
    • Electrode Type: Bipolar