E-Stim Systems Wiring and Accessories

e stim systems wiring - 2mm to 4mm adapt

Need a quick and easy fix to switch from 2mm to 4mm?  This pair of colour coded electro sex lead wire adaptors allow you to use your 2mm lead wire connection with a 4mm socket electro sex toy until you can source a compatible cable for your power box.

e stim systems wiring - 2b digital link

Be in command with the 2B Digital Link Interface from E-Stim Systems.  What a fun way to plug and play! The E-Stim Systems 2B Powerbox can be controlled and programmed directly from your computer when you use this Digital Link Interface. Inside you’ll find a USB drive and link cable. The USB Link is only designed to work with the E-Stim 2B. It will not operate with any of our other current control units. The Uplink2 software included on the USB drive allows you to upgrade your 2B without having to send your unit back to E-Stim Systems. The Commander software is available as a free download on E-Stim System’s website. With Commander you will be able to control all the aspects of your 2B electro sex power box and menus from the comfort of your own computer, someone else's computer or even a web enabled phone.  http://www.e-stim.co.uk/commander/  

e stim systems wiring - 4mm low profile

These 4mm low profile cables from E-Stim Systems are great for adding versatility in your electro sex play.  Ever used a probe where the wires stuck out too much? Perhaps you wanted to sit up while using an anal or vaginal probe. E-Stim brings you a power packed solution with the 4mm low profile cable. This 1.5 metre long lead wire connects to your electro sex power box to power most of your 4mm socketed electrodes.  Connects to any power box with a 3.4mm jack socket.  When inserted the plug will stick out about 10mm(.25 inches)

e stim systems wiring - 4mm to 2mm adapt

Got a 2mm socket electro sex toy and have a 4mm connection lead wire?  Conversion is a snap with the E-Stim Systems 4mm to 2mm adaptor. Electro sex toys are not created equal. Don’t get caught short when you’re switching out your electro sex toys mid-scene! If your lead wire is fitted with a 4mm connection and you have a toy with a 2mm socket you can use these colour coded adaptors to make the switch until you can source a compatible connection cable.

e stim systems wiring - 2b accessory pac

All the handy accessories required for your E-Stim Systems 2B Electro Sex Power Box in one convenient pack? I know… SHOCKING!  As a proud owner of the E-Stim Systems 2B Electro Sex Power Box, you’ll be aware of just how versatile it is. And, you’ll be pleased to hear, now there is a handy pack enabling it to reach its maximum potential. Introducing the E-Stim Systems 2B Accessory Pack! Complete with all the accessories required to really get the most out of your electrifying endeavours, this comprehensive kit contains an E-Stim Systems Universal 220V/110V mains adapter, which not only boosts the power of your 2B by 30%, it also means inconveniently running out of batteries need never be a problem again. In addition, the pack includes a Digital Link Interface enabling you to update the 2B Firmware each time new versions are released. The USB Digital Link Interface allows your 2B power box to be controlled via a Mac or PC, however; it also facilitates internet control. So, now you can control what your playmate feels via the internet and enjoy webcamming in 4D! Also included in your electrosex kit is 2 sets of 4mm cables. This opens you up to a whole new world of shocking possibilities. There is an extensive collection of E-Stim electrosex insertables, attachments and accessories to choose from, most of which featuring a 4mm connector. And now your power box is compatible with all of them… what could be better?!  Made from the finest quality, durable materials and boasting extremely advanced electrosex technology, the E-Stim Systems 2B and 2B Accessory Pack are a powerful combination. E-Stim Systems is globally renowned for its fine quality products and always ensures that its collection is current!