E-Stim Systems Probes

e stim systems probe - the deviant elect

Here come the Deviants! The rippled electro sex electrode from E-Stim Systems. The E-Stim Systems Deviant electro sex probe features scintillating ridges designed to tantalise as it enters. The smooth tapered tip helps with easy insertion and can be enjoyed by both men and women. Once your Deviant has been inserted, the multitude of ridges provide ensures contact with your body for an out of this world electro sex experience. Crafted from highly polished aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel fittings, the combination of electro conductive head and base together with an insulated neck creates a highly effective bi-polar electrode, it’s a must have electro sex toy!  Choose from three different sizes, they all come with 4mm sockets at the base for use with your electro sex power box.

e stim systems probe - torpedo electrode

The E-Stim Torpedo comes in two sizes, both with a smooth rounded head and flanged base. Like the other electrodes in our premium E-Stim range, it is designed with the electrode points at the top and bottom of the device, providing excellent contact for superior stimulation and a more natural feeling. It even has grip rings for easy insertion and removal. Ergonomically manufactured with a rounded tip, the E-Stim Torpedo slips in with ease, delivering a satisfying stretch and a deviant feeling of fullness upon entry. The narrow neck that leads to the flared base allows the muscles to grip and securely keep this plug in place. Then, once switched on, things will start to get really electrifying!

Crafted from aircraft grade aluminium, the E-Stim Torpedo Electrode is lightweight, durable, non-porous and phthalates free. With proper care, it will last for years and years, and can even be disassembled for cleaning. Complete with 4mm sockets in the base, simply hook it up to your E-Stim box and fire away!

e stim systems probe - mj electrode.jpg

For a fuller feeling, the MJ electrode from E-Stim Systems is the best of all worlds! The E-Stim Systems MJ Electrode is a cross between the popular Flange Electrode and Small Torpedo, both by E-Stim. It features the adventurous flanged base of the Flange and the larger diameter head of the Moaner to create a powerhouse of an electro sex electrode.  This fantastic bi-polar e-stim electrode gives you an erotic fuller feeling once inserted. The flanged base keeps the MJ from going too far and it gives that little extra contact area around the clitoris. Just like the majority of E-Stim System’s premium electrodes, the contact points are at the top and bottom rather than at the sides for a more natural feeling as the electrode moves inside you.  Machined to a high quality of standard, the E-Stim Systems MJ is made with ultra light weight aircraft grade materials with a brushed aluminium finish for an electro sex experience to last a lifetime. Speaking of lifetime, like most of the E-Stim range, the MJ electrode comes with E-Stim’s unbeatable lifetime warranty.


e stim systems probe - moaner electrode.

It does what it says on the tin, the E-Stim Moaner features an extended neck and a larger head to give you the ultimate in electro sex satisfaction. The flanged base provides additional stimulation around the clitoral area when used vaginally or to the perineum when used anally. E-Stim Systems has even included a ridge at the base to help improve grip during insertion, and the flanged base comes with two 4mm recessed sockets. The rounded tip ensures gentle and comfortable insertion, while the lock neck also means you can vary the depth at which your experience stimulation.  As with most of E-Stim’s premium range of electrodes, the contact points are top and bottom, rather than side to side, for a more natural feeling when the electrode moves inside you. Built with aircraft grade materials and machined to a high level of standard, the E-Stim Moaner comes with a brushed aluminium finish.

e stim systems probe - classic electrode

Choose from three different lengths of the E-Stim Systems Classic Electrode; it has something to offer everyone from the electro sex beginner to the heavy hitting seasoned professional. This trio of bi-polar electrodes from E-Stim Systems is built from aircraft grade materials and machined to a high level of quality. The rounded tip allows for easy and gentle insertion, while the narrow neck effectively keeps the plug in place. With proper care this electrode will last you a lifetime and is backed by E-Stim Systems’ lifetime guarantee.  The Classic Electrode is perfect for both men and women. If you’re looking for prostate stimulation, we advise going for the long version. This exclusive design features electrode contacts at the top and bottom of the electrode and can be used with your electro sex power box with a 4mm connection.

e stim systems probe - large flo.jpg

The E-Stim Systems Large Flow is an exquisite new addition to an already great range by one of the UK’s top electro sex manufacturers. Say ‘Hello’ to the E-Stim Systems Large Flo insertable electrode. With its elegant flowing lines, longer neck and larger diameter head the Large Flo slip in easily and with its wider base it will nestle comfortably whether you use it analy of vaginally. The Large Flow features added length in the neck to reach deeper inside and the larger head will give the user a fuller feel. Designed with the electrode contacts at the top and bottom rather than side to side this gives a more natural thrusting sensation when in use.  Made with top quality aircraft grade aluminium material to show off its beautiful flowing lines, The E-Stim Systems Large Flo also features a grooved base to aid grip during insertion and removal. The Large Flo is fitted with heavy duty 4mm sockets in the base. As with all E-Stim Systems’ Premium Electrodes range, the Large Flo is covered by their unbeatable lifetime guarantee and comes in a red custom made re-usable protective storage tube.  When you’re done experiencing the exciting electrical stimulation that The Large Flo has to offer, cleaning and storing couldn’t be easier. The Large Flo can be easily washed with hot, soapy water and then wiped dry. For a more thorough clean The Large Flo can be disassembled and the individual parts can be washed separately. Avoid using caustic cleaning substances as this could cause damage to the electrode. Make sure your electrode is completely dry before storage, especially the sockets.  For best results, use with your favourite water-based lubricants for optimum conductivity. Avoid silicone or hybrid lubricants as they can impede the electrical impulses. Do not use with a condom otherwise the electrical sensations will not be felt.