e stim systems electro whisker.jpg
  • The perfect addition to any electro sex toy box

  • Feels like hundreds of tiny electric fingers licking the skin with electrical current

  • Intense electro sex play experience

  • 4mm connection socket in the base for use with your favourite electro sex power box

  • Ergonomic insulated handle for your comfort

  • Note: Please note that this item will not be dispatched from our warehouse, so we cannot offer next day delivery

  • Note: This item is only available to customers in the UK

  • When it comes to supreme stimulation, the E-Stim Electro Whisker is hard to beat! Want to tickle your Sub with the prickle of electro sex stimulation? This Electro Whisker simply feels amazing as it glides effortlessly over your sub's body. It gives the feeling of hundreds of tiny little fingers caressing the skin with stimulating current, for an intense electro sex play experience. Glide it over arms and legs or tickle your sub's genitals with invigorating electro stimulation.

  • Ergonomically designed, the E-Stim Electro Whisker features a fully insulated, long handle for safety and optimum control. It is a monopole electrode and, as such, should be used together with a second point of contact, such as a sticky pad. Our E-Stim Electro Whisker has a 4mm connection socket to use with your favourite electro sex power box. Designed to tantalise and tease, it is the perfect addition to any electro sex toy box.