e-stim systems electro helix electro sex
  • Single channel and single output electro sex device with stepless controls

  • Comes with 5 built in programs – Pulse, Flow, Fire, Milk and Tease

  • Enjoy sharper, more intense sensations with the Helix’s ‘Sport Mode’

  • Comes complete with lead wire, sticky pads, battery, manual in a sleek storage case

  • Backed by E-Stim Systems’ unbeatable lifetime guarantee

  • First there was the E-Stim Series 1 and it was great but E-Stim fans clamoured for more while still staying in the affordable price range. E-Stim has heard your request and have brought out a whole new power box called The ElectroHelix or simply The Helix for short. This perfectly evolved electro sex power box is smaller than the original Series 1 and comes packed with great new features to give you the best electro bang for your buck. While the Series 1 gave you Continuous, Fire and Pulse, the Helix adds two new modes – Flo and Milk for a total of five fantastic electro stimulation modes – ten if you count ‘Sport Mode’!

  • Starting with the electrical framework of the Series 1 and updating it with a reworked design including an updated microprocessor control boost system and logic timing control, the Helix has more power than a Series 1, but still has a similar level of stamina to the original. This gives you hours of play from a single 9v battery. The smaller and lighter case fits better in your hand and stores in smaller spaces which makes it perfect for travel.

  • More power, more modes and smooth controls. This single channel, single output electro sex power box features three stepless dials which allow you to fine tune your pure pleasure power with the Level, Feel and Speed controls. Level controls the intensity, Speed controls the intervals of the sensations for Pulse, Milk and Tease while the feel knob works in all modes to offer a wider range of feel and sensation. The pulse mode has been extended to provide you more range from a longer interval to a shorter pulse interval which almost becomes continuous – all controlled with the same knob.

  • The Milk and Tease modes are both programmed to give you more interesting sensations which are both fully controllable with both Speed and Feel Controls. Mode selection is via a simple tactile push button, and since the level does not drop to zero it is possible to switch from one mode to another as part of your play. To turn your electro sex pleasure up even further try out E-Stim’s new ‘Sport Mode’ – This will provide you with a sharper, more intense sensation across the board giving you a total of 10 modes to choose from. The E-Stim Systems ElectroHelix comes with its very own custom storage case which is slimmer and smaller in size than the Series 1 kit. Inside you’ll receive the ElectroHelix, a 2mm lead wire, a 9v battery, 4 sticky pads, instruction manual and information about E-Stim System’s unbeatable lifetime guarantee.

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