ding 9 inches thick, realistic, super la
  1. Made of reliable PVC material, it can be used safely, it is very flexible and very suitable for perfect positioning.

  2. It is easy to clean. Use only soapy water to rinse before and after use. It can be used in the bath, preferably with water lubrication.

  3. Cute in shape and diverse in gameplay, suitable for your own collection or as a gift to your best friend

  4. 100% waterproof: You can use it in the bathroom, bedroom and anywhere to relax your body and mind, so as to maximize comfort and pleasure.

  5. These items will be packed in ordinary packaging without any written content to protect your secrets

  6. Pack carefully to protect your little secrets. We are committed to providing you with satisfactory service, if you have any questions, please contact us.

  7. ●Total length: 8.26 inches

  8. ●Slidable length: 7.08 inches

  9. ●Weight: 365 grams