diapers 3.jpg


  • Medium - 30'' - 42''

  • Large - 34'' - 52''


  • Over 160 fluid ounce capacity (over 1.25 U.S. gallons). Incredible absorbency for all-day or all-night wear.

  • Full plastic backing with a reinforced front panel allows for repeat adjustments of the diaper tapes without losing grip.

  • 4 ultra-strong clear diaper tapes with bright blue tips.

  • Tall standing leak guards and front/rear elastic waistbands prevent leaks and blowouts in any body position.

  • A new Rebellion has begun. The Rearz Brand Rebel Skull and Crossbones print adult diaper offers the same great quality you come to expect from Rearz while allowing you to live life on the edge.

  • Available in medium, large, x-large