designer metal handcuffs, silver.jpg
  • Guilty or not guilty, you will be serving some erotic, sexy, and kinky time. Since you are already doing the time, might as well, do the crime. Our Classic Silver Designer Metal Handcuffs will take care of you. 

  • Give your lover an exciting surprise when you bring out these hefty metal playtime handcuffs. It looks and feels like real handcuffs. No matter how much you try to resist and plead not guilty, you cannot escape unless you serve your partner. Wink!

  • We hear those who exhibit good morals and right conduct, get released on parole. Do you want to behave and be good, or be naughty and get punished more in the bedroom prison? Up to you. Just hope your the Master or Mistress who is in charge of you tonight is in a good mood. Then again, playing with a few toys while you're handcuffed isn't such a bad idea. You could even get a spanking for misbehaving! 

  • The Classic Silver Designer Metal Handcuffs is perfect for beginners too. These wonderful cuffs have a quick-release system allowing you to release them without keys. See how your lover will respond to these delightfully kinky silver handcuffs as you enjoy the power and release of dominance and submission play. Anticipation is everything!

  • Have some fun tonight! Comes with 2 keys.