doctor screw - dildek.jpg
  1. MASTURBATE! MASTURBAAAATE! This emotionless robot dong was built for one reason, and one reason only. Pleasure. With a suction cup base, the choice of 2 colours and 2 sizes there is absolutely no reason you can’t let this villainous Dildek carry out its orders to MASTURBATE!
  2. Large - Insertable length: 7 inches, Circumference at smallest point: 5.25 inches, Circumference at widest point: 7.75 inches, Weight: 385g

  3. Small - Insertable length: 5.75 inches, Circumference at smallest point: 4.25 inches, Circumference at widest point: 6 inches, Weight: 214g

  4. Firmness: Medium (shore A-25)

  5. 100% waterproof

  6. Handmade

  7. Includes super strong suction cup

  8. 100% body safe silicone

doctor screw - sonic vibrator.jpg
  1. The Sonic Vibrator… Why’s it sonic? No idea, just thought it’d be cool to add the word sonic. If it helps, just think of it as a plain old vibrator, EXCEPT WAY MORE AMAZING! SO! What does it do? Well, it vibrates. Press the button, it goes bzzzzzz. BUT, it’s also made out of our platinum silicone which means it’s insertable! Yay for vibrators, vibrators are cool!
  2. Firmness: Medium (shore A-25)

  3. Weight:140g

  4. Circumference: 4 inches

  5. Overall Length: 9 inches

  6. 3 speeds and 7 variation patterns to explore

  7. Rechargeable bullet vibrator

  8. 100% body safe silicone

doctor screw - tardass paddle.jpg
  1. Spank your naughty companions through time and space with the TardAss. More than just a clever pun, this paddle is made out of the highest quality silicone making it the perfect amount of wibbly wobbly, whacky smacky.
  2. Firmness: Hard (shore A-40)

  3. 100% waterproof

  4. Handmade

  5. Weight: 289g

  6. Width: 3 inches

  7. Overall length: 11 inches

  8. 100% body safe silicone

doctor screw - the who package.jpg
  1. Consider yourself a true Screwvian? Can’t decide between a Tardass or a Sonic Vibrator, or maybe a Dildek? Don’t blame yourself, you only have one puny little heart. How is your one lonely heart supposed to make such an important decision? Don’t make it decide, just choose this option and save yourself all that heartache.
  2. Please see individual listings for more in-depth specs of each product.

  3. Get The Who Package to become the ultimate time lord! This package includes a Sonic Vibrator, TardAss Paddle and Dildek small!

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