Autoblow Rings, Penis Pumps

autoblow smartpump penis pump.jpg

Did you know that most men are still pumping away with old style penis pumps that require constant hand pumping and manual monitoring of pressure? Poor guys! This pump uses the latest technology to reinvent the penis pump, sensing the pressure within the tube and automatically pumping when it senses the pressure is decreasing. The result is a seamless pumping experience that keeps you optimally pumped for as long as your pumping sessions last.


But of course, that’s not all the SmartPump does! All buttons are fully digital giving you unprecedented manual pumping control. Instead of using the smart mode, just press a button to place this pump into manual mode and use the exact vacuum level that is most comfortable for you. The digital screen displays the pressure level in large numerals as opposed to the old style of pump which uses a difficult to read dial gauge. This pump comes with detailed instructions so after 5 minutes of reading you’ll be nothing short of a penis pumping expert.




Beware of gimmicky pumps that use water and claim to offer permanent penile growth. Pumping is fun and can offer impressive temporary results, but don’t spend $200+ on a pump hoping for permanent results.

advanced silicone penis rings set of 6.j

Finding the perfect penis ring or balls separator can be an expensive and time consuming process – but not anymore! We’ve put together this premium set of 6 types of silicone straps and silicone rings for guys who enjoy experimentation and value the experience of discovery.


This set comes with 2 thick straps which can be used on your penis, your balls, or both, depending on your size. It also comes with 2 types of penis and balls separators, which can be used to make your orgasms even more intense and enhance your erections. Finally, you’ll receive 2 of our specially designed penis rings with ball straps which look the same but have different sized penis rings, so that you can decide how much erection support you want or need.


Enhance your Autoblow experience with these rings or use them solo when you are using your hand or a different device.

extreme sensations rings set of 4.jpg

If you are a man who loves extreme sensations, get ready to experience the enhanced pleasure you crave. All 4 rings in this set are made from thick and plush soft silicone for the ultimate in comfort. These rings won’t pinch your skin and apply pleasure evenly across all ring surfaces. This set includes two penis rings that you can use on your penis alone or around your penis and balls plus two rings designed to separate and increase sensitivity to your balls and penis.


All 4 rings are made of the finest available silicone material. The moment you touch these rings you’ll see the difference compared with the type of ring you might purchase at your local sex shop. Whereas most sex shop rings are made from cheap rubber and degrade, stretch out, and break easily, silicone rings retain their shape and will last virtually forever if you take proper care of them.


Whether you use these for solo play or with a partner, these 4 premium rings will become a regular part of your pleasure routine.

set of 3 silicone penis rings.jpg

This budget-friendly 100% silicone penis ring set is a great add on to help you enjoy your Autoblow a bit more or just to enhance your regular masturbation. You’ll receive 3 different sized rings that you can use alone or in combinations as versatile as your imagination! You can use these to separate your scrotum from your body to have more powerful orgasms, or just use them to enhance your erections. The premium silicone material will never deteriorate and these will last virtually forever, which is not the case with rubber penis rings! So if you are a penis ring veteran or just looking to try out these kinds of rings for the first time, you can’t go wrong with this set. Enjoy!