Autoblow Prostate Massagers

fling prostate stroker and vibrator.jpg

The Autoblow Fling not only includes the same ultra-strong vibration as our other prostate toys, but this one also includes a finger-like prostate stroking arm that will take your orgasms to new heights! Moderately sized for comfortable use, the insertable prostate stroker features a finger-sized tip with remote-controllable stroking speeds and patterns. This prostate toy is not only rechargeable and waterproof, but it is also made from the best available silicone material.


After you lube up and insert it, the fun begins. You’ll have full control over 9 different vibration modes and 9 different speeds and patterns of prostate stroking. Most men prefer to begin with vibration and once fully aroused, they begin experimenting with the stroking arm. The remote control offers a seamless experience and prevents you from having to reach down between your legs to change the device’s settings. The simple two button operation – one for vibration and one for stroking – is intuitive and uncomplicated so that your focus remains on your pleasure.


Your options during play include increasing the intensity of vibration, changing the vibration pattern, increasing or decreasing the prostate stroking speed, and changing the depth of stroking. Make sure you buy a lube and cleaner to keep yourself safe. This is one purchase you will certainly never regret!

colibri vibrating prostate massager.jpg

The Autoblow Colibri prostate stimulator uses 2 high intensity yet whisper-quiet motors to deliver the same deep vibrations you’d expect from a much larger device. Like the Blast model, the Colibri also comes with integrated cock and balls rings to enhance your erection and orgasm. These rings are tighter than those found on the Blast, adding intensity to the experience. 


What sets this stimulator apart from other models you may find online is the integration of a remote control. Reaching down to press buttons detracts from the joy of the experience, especially when those buttons are located in an inconvenient location. The remote allows you to power the device on and off and permits full access to all 9 modes and intensities. 


The Colibri’s completely smooth surfaces mean that you’ll be totally comfortable during insertion and removal. The entire prostate massager pivots at the base, so it will move with your body during play. Remember – all of our prostate stimulators are fully silicone and fully waterproof so you’ll never have to worry about playing in the shower. Plus, the silicone material makes clean up fast and easy. If you’ve never used a prostate toy with your Autoblow – prepare for the orgasm appropriately or you’ll find yourself standing on a chair cleaning the ceiling. 

prostate blast male g spot vibrator.jpg

The Autoblow Blast Prostate Simulator uses the newest micro-motor technology to bring giant Hitachi-wand level vibration to a small prostate massager. Unlike other prostate massagers you may find online, this one uses a remote control so that you aren’t reaching down below your legs to change modes. Trust us – reaching down there to search for the off button after you finish is not something you want to experience!


Just lube up and glide this fully silicone simulator into place, paying special attention to use the connected penis ring and balls separator. Because it features multiple pivot points, the stimulator conforms to your unique anatomy comfortably and stays in place until you finish playing. The remote allows you to access all 9 vibration modes which vibrate in different patterns and with varying levels of intensity. 


This premium stimulator is fully waterproof and is USB rechargeable for the ultimate convenience during use and easy cleaning. You’ll love the new level of orgasmic intensity you’ll experience! We all know that reaching your p-spot is inconvenient but any man who’s experienced the results knows its well worth it. Don’t forget to add a lube and a cleaner to your order!

prostate pulse male g spot massager.jpg

The Autoblow Prostate Pulse is our most aggressive male g-spot vibrator featuring two of the highest powered micro-motors available, worldwide. As with all of our prostate massagers, the Pulse features a remote control that will allow you to turn your stimulator on and off as well as cycle through the 9 vibration modes and intensities. Most male g-spot vibrators you’ll find online do not come with a remote control, but all of ours do. Why? Because we don’t want you having to reach down between your legs to find a small button when you should only be enjoying yourself! The remote control permits you to fully relax and enjoy your orgasm and helps you to immediately turn the stimulator off when you finish. 


The Pulse stands out from our other prostate stimulators because one of the two vibrating motors stimulates the area between your balls and your anus (your perineum). This can help prime you for a giant explosive orgasm. The dual pivot points ensure both vibrating motors always stay in exactly the right locations. 


The Pulse is fully waterproof and USB rechargeable so shower use and cleaning will never present a problem. Use this with or without your Autoblow – either way you’ll love it! Don’t forget to add a water-based lubricant and a cleaner to your cart.