Autoblow Masturbators


The Autoblow Vibrastroker is our budget-friendly handheld masturbator that is low on price but BIG on feeling! The Vibrastroker is comprised of two parts – the soft flesh-like sleeve and a 10 mode rechargeable vibrating bullet. You just lube up, put the strap behind your balls, insert your penis, turn on the bullet, and get to work stroking.


The bullet vibrator, measuring about a full inch across and 3 inches long, houses a seriously strong deeply vibrating motor AND rechargeable lithium ion battery. This newly developed vibration technology feels fantastic when inserted into the stroker but feels even better when placed directly behind the head of your penis. Some of our customers can reach orgasm only from using the bullet vibrator without stroking!


All parts of the Vibrastroker are waterproof so you can easily work a load out in the shower without anyone else in your household being aware of it. Make sure you pair your Vibrastroker with a water-based lubricant and a toy cleaner for a slippery and safe experience. If you haven’t watched the Vibrastroker video, get up there to the top of the page and spend 30 seconds watching it!

automilker - the vibrating penis milker.
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⚠️WARNING: This device is not easy to explain but it feels FANTASTIC.⚠️


Normally when you think of male sex toys, you think of something that moves, like the Autoblow, or something you hold in your hand and move up and down that feels like a mouth, vagina, or anus. But this is different.


Just below the head of your penis, on its rear side, is its most sensitive part, called the frenulum. Most men don’t know it, but high intensity vibrations directed to this area will cause you to orgasm, whether you want to or not. Until recently, only medical devices ($1,000 specialized sex toys) were designed to stimulate that part of the penis, and they were meant for men with penis or spinal injuries. The Autoblow Automilker uses that same medical grade technology to give you fantastic hands-free orgasms for a significantly lower price


Just lube up and slide your penis into this 100% silicone partial enclosure. Can’t get fully hard? Not a problem – these intense vibrations will do the job for you. Then, turn on one or both motors and the fun begins. One motor vibrates your balls or the area just underneath them and the main motor stimulates your frenulum using one of several different vibration strengths or patterns. The entire device is waterproof so when you’re done, just wash it off and pat it try. You will absolutely love this new and simple way of being milked!


This device measures 7.5 inches long with 4 inches dedicated to your penis and the other 3.5 dedicated to your balls. The entire machine including the penis sleeve area is made from stretchy silicone so it will accommodate you regardless of your size.

Love the realistic feeling using a stroker gives you but hate the hassle and expense of buying new ones all the time because the material breaks down after few weeks or months? The Lifetime Silicone Stroker is the first masturbator for men built to give you years – even a lifetime – of trouble-free pleasure. Old style masturbators like Fleshlight and Tenga are made from TPE which is a kind of rubber. That material smells bad, is porous and after only a few uses can become sticky and filled with dangerous bacteria. 


But the Lifetime Silicone Stroker is made from 100% non-porous silicone that cannot be penetrated by bacteria and is completely odorless. The best part is, the vulva replicated onto these strokers was 3d scanned from the winner of the World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Contest, so you can rest assured, you’re sticking your solider into the best looking snatch in the universe.

3fap is the first and only sex toy for men that will give you what you really want: variety. Other male sex toys require you to continually change sleeves to experience different sensations, but not 3fap! 3fap's unique 3-in-1 design allows you to experience 3 orifices, 3 different textures, and 3 levels of suction, all in one product. 

3fap was crowdfunded on Indiegogo by more than 500 men from around the world who were adventurous enough to try something new. Now you can benefit too! Whether you choose to enjoy the standard mouth/vulva/anus sleeve or prefer the 3 award winning vulvas sleeve, we guarantee you'll be fapping happier with 3fap.