This magic gadget is programmed to give you a blowjob using real life techniques. 

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Stroke modes

  1. Full Stroke - in this blowjob experience, the machine will stroke your penis in full complete strokes from top to bottom

  2. Intense Edge - the machine will stroke your penis for 3 seconds and then pause for 1-2 seconds, help you build up to a bigger better orgasm

  3. Fast Edge - experience full strokes for 15 seconds followed by a 2 second pause before the process starts again

  4. Teasing Slow Stroke - the autoblow will deliver 2 full strokes followed by a one second pause.  This technique mimics the teasing that goes into real world blowjobs

  5. Top Stroke - if you have a relatively short penis, this mode is for you.  It will stroke only the top portion of the machine, hitting the top of your penis

  6. Bottom Stroke - if you have a relatively long penis, this mode will stroke only the opt of your penis

  7. Top & Bottom Stroke - this experience alternates between stroking a few strokes at the top of your penis and then a few strokes at the bottom of your penis

  8. Masterstroke 1 - the masterstroke combines full strokes, top strokes, and bottom strokes to give you a well-rounded blowjob experience

  9. Masterstroke 2 - masterstroke 2 has all the fun of masterstroke 1 but adds in automatic variations in speed

  10. Full A.I. Experience - this blowjob is the crown achievement of our team of scientists.  Every time you select this mode, you'll receive a unique blowjob.  The machine itself will decide how to put together the techniques available to it.  Speed and stroke length are varied

For Blowjobs, It’s The Best!

  • Autoblow A.I. doesn't need batteries. Just plug it into any electrical outlet (110v-240v). Don't worry, we've designed it to be safe!

  • Simply hold the Autoblow A.I. in place, fire up your favorite video website (or put on a VR headset if you have one), and enjoy. Easy!

  • Our team tested every male masturbator on the market. Ours feels the best.

  • We used artificial intelligence to understand and replicate real life blowjob techniques to give you the best experience.

  • Uses interchangeable sleeves. The sleeves are 100% silicone, easy to clean, re-useable, and work with all penis sizes.

  • Autoblow A.I. is easy to clean. Just remove the sleeve, wash it with soap and water, and apply renewal powder.

  • The Autoblow A.I. uses a heavy duty all metal motor that is built to last.

  • Autoblow A.I. uses a redesigned motor that is 50% quieter than the Autoblow 2 but is 3 times more powerful!

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If you’re looking for the best blowjob machine in the world, look no further. The result of years of research, the Autoblow A.I. used artificial intelligence to analyze 1000 hours of blowjob videos to understand the movements that occur during real life blowjobs.

Our team of experts put those movements into this small machine so that you can enjoy blowjobs the same way they’re given in real life. Select from 10 blowjob experiences, 10 speeds per experience, and use the edge button to pause your blowjob at any time to extend your enjoyment.

The machine comes with 1 silicone mouth sleeve.