Arcwave Accessories

arcwave toy cleaner.jpg

Keep your Arcwave product looking fresh after use. Hygienic and specially formulated solution to quickly clean Arcwave products.


The official Arcwave Toy Cleaner for the best experience with Arcwave products. This alcohol-free Toy Cleaner was specifically designed for the premium silicone of all Arcwave products. Produced by pjur.

Alcohol-free and scent-free solution is specially created for gentle, hygienic cleaning of pleasure products.

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DryTech stick for the Arcwave™ Ion Storage Base. One DryTech pack included in the scope of delivery


Replacement DryTech Stick and DryTech Pack for use inside of the Ion storage base. The DryTech Stick is important for wicking away moisture after Ion is washed.

Silica in the DryTech pack helps to quickly remove moisture from inside of Ion’s CleanTech silicone sleeve after washing, keeping Ion in mint condition.

arcwave ion drytech packs of 3.jpg

DryTech stick for the Arcwave™ Ion Storage Base. One DryTech pack included in the scope of delivery

The DryTech Packs by Arcwave™ belong in the DryTech stick of the Storage base to help speed up the drying process. The DryTech Packs are reusable and can easily be dried in a microwave.

DryTech Packs are reusable. When a DryTech Pack has absorbed enough moisture, it can be dried again for repeated use.

arcwave micro usb charging cable.jpg

Micro-USB replacement cable for the Ion Storage Base.

Keep Ion’s storage base connected and ready for charging Ion after use.

Keeping the storage base plugged in and available to charge means Ion is ready anytime that you are.

arcwave ion storage base.jpg

Replacement storage base for Ion. The storage base acts as Ion’s second home to charge and dry after use.


Arcwave™ Ion Storage Base for charging and drying the device. A mini-USB charging cable and the DryTech equipment is included in the box.

A DryTech stick on the inside of Ion helps to speed up the drying process by using silica to wick away moisture. Ventilation channels on the lid maintain proper air flow while Ion is in storage.

arcwave - ion cleantech silicone sleeve.jpg

A replacement CleanTech silicone sleeve for Ion.

The CleanTech Sleeve for the Arcwave™ Ion is made completely of high-quality silicone. Easy to clean, soft and super hygienic to offer the most natural experience.