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Delight in the descent

Encapsulating pleasure for those willing to master it - or be mastered - the LELO 15th Anniversary collection is a limited-time BDSM set unlike anything you’ve dared experience before.

After 15 years of luxury, quality and pleasure, the most monumental moment in LELO history is here: The Limited-Edition Anniversary Collection. The world’s most luxurious BDSM line ever created features 12 unique pleasure objects and a gorgeous carry-case that will be sold exclusively while limited supplies last. Crack your whips, stimulate your senses and pack your’s going to be kinky.

The foray

A single wicked thought can ignite your soul with the desire to explore that which binds, teases, and more - all it takes is that first, single step.

  • CANNES FEATHER TEASER - TICKLE ME SOFTLY - Combining luxurious down feathers with a polished ball handle, this teaser offers the most decadent and titillating touch you’ve ever felt.

  • HERTZ TELESCOPIC CROP - YES, MASTER - Take full control while delivering a sensual spank with this erotic telescopic crop that’s both durable and flexible.

  • ELENA SHACKLES - STIMULATE YOUR SENSES - Elegant shackles that promise a powerful combination of desire and restraint – leaving you begging for more.

The obser vatoire

Curiosity brought you here with wide eyes, but true discovery means indulging each and every one of your senses. Watch and learn...

  • KIE EYE MASK - LOVE IS BLIND - See pleasure in a new light with this stylish adjustable blindfold that offers heightened senses & unlimited potential.

  • VOLONTE MASSAGER - SUBMISSION IMPOSSIBLE - This elegantly kinky vibrator brings power and pleasure straight to your love life with 8 toe-curling sensations to choose from.

  • JARLSGATAN FLOGGER - TALK FLIRTY TO ME - Opening a gateway of new pleasures, this elegant flogger features soft leather suede tassels that are perfect for delivering light punishment.

The enfilade

Do you dare follow the wayward path before you? The further you progress, the more you’ll find to soothe and sting in equal measure.

  • SENSE DUAL MASSAGER - PLEASURE YOU CAN’T CONTROL - With powerful dual vibrations across 8 different settings, you can experience an exquisite blended orgasm that feels as good as it looks.

  • RIO SPANKER - I DARE YOU - Dare to do more with a stylish leather wand that opens up a world of role-play possibilities with a simple flick of the wrist.

  • FONTANOSO GRADUATING BEADS - PUT YOUR PLEASURE TO THE TEST - Ease your way into an intense, yet euphoric blend of pleasure and stimulation unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

The aerary

Behold the reward bestowed upon those willing to seek it - and those willing to let their desire wholly engulf themselves.

  • THE AX MULTI-MASSAGER - A SEXUAL MASTERPIECE - Created to enhance sensations for couples or by yourself, the intriguingly mysterious AX defies description yet its unique design and unparalleled power will lead to truly unforgettable pleasure.

  • STUREPLAN PLUG - PLEASURE YOU CAN GET BEHIND - Perfect for personal indulgence and shared pleasure, this unmistakably luxurious anal plug will leave you quivering in sheer delight.

  • DOT BEN WA BALLS - A TOTAL CONTROL FREAK - Strengthen your pleasure and enjoy longer, stronger orgasms with luxurious weighted balls add a touch of class to your intimacy.

Embelished with an intricate LELO pattern on the handle, 100% body-safe silicone and available in both black zink and pink with 18K rose gold, these 12 limited-edition pleasure objects will have your imagination running wild.

  • Anniversary collection

  • USB-Charging Cord

  • Storage Pouch

  • LELO Registration Card

  • Personal Moisturizer Sachet

Suitcase: 480 x 350 x 160 mm.
For individual product specifications, please download the product manual.

Embellished with an intricate LELO pattern on the handle, 100% body-safe silicone and available in both black zinc and pink with 18K rose gold, these 12 limited-edition pleasure objects will have your imagination running wild with a sex toy gift set truly perfect for the person who has - or thinks they have - everything. The Anniversary Collection features 12 electrifyingly elegant products that are guaranteed to spice up your bedroom. With only 800 black zinc and 200 pink with premium 18K rose gold available in stock, these limited edition products are one of our most exclusive collections yet.
*Limited Edition
This product is only available for the US market.

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