• Key Features

  • Fine quality fist butt plug perfect for anal training

  • Intricate & lifelike detail from the knuckles to the fingers & the bones on the dorsum

  • Stretches, satisfies & offers a delectable ‘pop’ as each knuckle slides inside

  • Large flared base provides stability, whilst narrow neck keeps the plug in place

  • Made from phthalate free vinyl & available in 3 different sizes

  • Be more hands on when it comes to anal play, with the All Black Fist Butt Plug!

  • This handy sex toy will punch fuck your hole and provide on point stimulation as it reaches inside and opens you up to all new perverted possibilities! Designed with deviance in mind, the All Black Fist Butt Plug stretches, satisfies and offers a delectable ‘pop’ as each knuckle slides inside. Perfect for anal training, whether for anal fisting or other extreme anal activities, the All Black Fist Plug ranges in size from a small (ish) butt plug, up to a HUGE butt plug that promises a really fulfilling experience! Boasting intricate and lifelike detail, from the knuckles down to the fingers and the bones on the dorsum, this fabulous fisting butt plug replicates the look and feel of a real hand perfectly; apart from on a much bigger scale when you opt for the large.

  • Cleverly constructed from fine quality, phthalates free vinyl, the All Black Fist Butt Plug feels great and is even compatible with both silicone and water-based lubes. Complete with a large flared base, it boasts optimum stability enabling you to mount with ease and enjoy hands free gratification, while the narrow neck will keep the plug in place for the duration of your wear. Enjoy perverted play sessions, or simply plug up your ass and engage in some daytime deviance; the choice is yours