agent getsmeoff masturbator.jpg
  1. Hey big guy, Sun’s getting real low… If you’ve been dreaming of a beautiful red head in black leather who isn’t afraid to kick some ass then this is the Indulger for you! Agent Getsmeoff will help satisfy your desires with her silky smooth skin and perfectly textured insides. If you feel the need to kick it up a notch you can add some vibrations and really experience what it’s like to fuck an Indulger.
  2. Due to popular demand the sleeve of this product is made out of super-skin material for a more soft and realistic feel. However, this means that the sleeve is not silicone. But the material is non-toxic and phthalate free.

  3. Canal Diameter: 0.6 inches

  4. Internal length: 6 inches

  5. Overall weight: 348g

  6. Opening: Vagina

  7. This product has a vibrating function

  8. Speeds: 3

  9. Patterns: 9

  10. Rechargeable (USB charger included)