• Our Adjustable Leather Ball Stretcher Strap with Attachment Loop is the perfect match to help you explore the dark themes of BDSM play with your male sub.

  • Strap up your boy toy's nuts with this sleek leather ball stretcher strap to complement your collection of bondage gear. This is a must-have accessory and it's just what you've been looking for! 

  • Its easily adjustable design comes with two rows of metal snap buttons for three levels of tightness. Adjust the fit around his nuts  (I highly suggest one notch tighter *wink*) and clip a leash (not included) to the attached D-ring and he's all yours. It gives him an erotic yet punishing pressure and makes him more submissive to your demands. For more to force him to submit to your will, check out our huge selection of male chastity gear!

  • The stretcher strap measures 1 5/16" wide and fits a circumference starting from 4.75" to 6" depending on which of the 3 sets of snaps you choose to fasten it with.

  • An attachment loop lets you connect a leash so you can take your boy toy for a walk. On the other hand, has he been naughty? If so, go ahead and chain him to the bed post then secure him with a padlock.