Shockspot Adapters

Shockspot sex machine toys adapters can make your experience a really fun time. When you want to enjoy your sex machine to the fullest make sure you get the proper adapter. Click on the shockspot adapter that your wanting to purchase. 


The V-Stroker Fleshlight Adapter allows a user to control a Shockspot Sex Machine through an online portal using the motion, speed, and depth of their Fleshlight device.


The Vac-U-Lock Dildo Adapter gives ShockSpot owners the ability to attach any Vac-U-Lock compatible toys to their ShockSpot machine, allowing them to gain access to a full range of erotic possibilities.


The Shockspot Sex Machine Universal Dildo Adapter allows a Shockspot owner the ability to attach any dildo or compatible sex toy to their device to increase their pleasure and options.


The Fleshlight adapter for the Shockspot Sex Machine allows a user to use their Fleshlight as an attachment.