a bit of training comfort git rubber bit
  • Beautiful and different! Pony play can be fun and sexy without feeling any discomfort all thanks to this hard rubber bit. The bit is generously rubberized for comfort. The rubber bit of this gag is soft and thin, making it easy to wear and allowing it to fit easily into your pony guy or gal's mouth. 

  • The thin bit style is also much easier to wear and breathe through, making this gag great for those with small mouths, jaw problems or problems breathing through their nose. Even beginners would find this easy to wear.

  • Its sturdy yet soft leather straps intersect with O-rings at the forehead and the top of the head. You can add your own hardware to bind your collared sub to the bed post or any furniture you like. But your favorite leash and a pair of gag reins are a must because we know how sassy ponies can be during play!

  • The straps buckle at the sides of the head for the "sturdy"-style trainer. It won't slip off. Plus, the gag strap buckles at the back of the head as well as under the chin to let you adjust it to the perfect fit. Everything is buckled on using the highest quality roller buckles for a quick, tight and painless fit every time. The snaffles at the sides of the bit are a wonderful pony-like feature and adds to the overall look and feel of your pony play.